Tom Gresham’s GUNTALK

Want to learn more about HSM?  Boyd Metz of HSM ammunition gives a rundown of our history and products on Tom Gresham’s GUNTALK. Give a listen below!

TOOTH & FANG – Coyote Hunting Film

For the past three years I’ve put in some considerable time hunting coyotes with my brother Travis and good friend Matt Piippo.  We’ve had a lot of great days and made a lifetime of memories, but the best part about those years is how much I’ve learned about coyotes.  To be a successful hunter you […]

Montana’s Mountain Mule Deer

Most of Montana’s skyline is graced by not only big sky but big mountains.  They are some of the most rugged and unforgiving places here in the West and home to an assortment of amazing animals, one of which is the mule deer.  Mule deer inhabit almost every environment we have here in Montana from […]


You’ve been coaxing him in now with the squalls of a dying rabbit. Sitting patiently and waiting, watching as that crafty coyote carefully works his way in. Cautiously he continues towards you until…he presents that perfect 100 yard broad side shot. He stands still for only a moment. You know the shot must come quickly, […]

Colorado Elk Camp

For the past 7 years I’ve been going to Colorado to hunt the wild and elusive wapiti. One of the main reasons I choose to return each year is the comradery among everyone there at Elk Camp. It’s a camp full of friends and family. And this year was no different from the rest. This […]

5 Tips for Taking a Great Trophy Photo

     Many factors contribute to a well-shot trophy photo.  Lighting, focus, flash, and many other things can make or break a picture.  With todays point and shoot cameras that are easy to use you can still take a great image that will capture that special moment perfectly. Experience is the best tool to have.  […]

The Right Rifle for This Fall

As October draws ever-closer, it’s time to start thinking about the rifle you’ll want to shoulder in crunch time. The western hunter has near-endless calibers to choose from, but these three old-school, standby calibers are time tested and provide a range of options for hunters. New rifle or old, these calibers are sure to get […]

Scouting: Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a vital scouting tool that can be used to supplement on the ground scouting. Used correctly, trail cameras can significantly increase your chances of arrowing a big buck or bull this season. Here’s a few of the basics that will get you started setting up trail cameras this summer. Batteries and Settings […]

Unknown Territory – [Part 2]

The rain fell steadily as we trekked uphill. Soaking wet deadfall and moss-covered sticks made the climb to the logging road challenging, but by the time we reached the road the rain had all but ceased.  It was around 4:00 p.m. as we began scanning the surrounding trees in search of bear, but the sparse […]

Unknown Territory

Trucks loaded and wheels rolling, we left town around 8:30 a.m. headed for the mountains of western Montana.  This would be my first spring spent in pursuit of the elusive black bear. I decided I was going to try and fill my black bear tag with my very first gun.  A Marlin .30-30 I had […]